Standard Vs. Flawed Pins

Pins are either Standard (default) or Flawed.

My pins are meant to be shown off to your friends and worn on a hat, backpack, jacket; as such, they are going to get beat up, rained on, thrown on the floor.

I have decided that continuing to agonize 800x over each and every pin will send me to an early grave. This combined with the astronomical rise in the cost of pinmaking and shipping right now have led me to this decision.

Please remember these are made by hand by actual human beings! It is almost impossible to have a perfect pin.


Standard pins look awesome! They may have some or none of these: scratches, dust, dents, tarnish, swirling of enamel, slight under or over fill of enamel, slightly offset or missing screenprinting, speck of black or glitter, etc. These do not affect the wearability of the pin.

You may receive a pin with more or less imperfections than a previous one. There may be some color variance between batches of the same pin as the colors are hand mixed, or I may have used a different manufacturer.

Depending on the manufacturer, pin posts may seem 'wobbly'; this is on purpose to help pin backs from snapping off and is not a flaw.



Flawed pins still look awesome on a backpack and are sold at a discount! They may have very strong flaws such as an entire section of missing enamel. If you are used to buying Flawed/Seconds pins that are almost perfect, you might be disappointed.

Please note: Flawed pins may not come with a backing card if I've run out.

You may like a Flawed pin if you are going to be using the pin in a high-traffic area like the back of a jacket. Lots of people like flawed pins just cuz they're cheaper, too.

I do not grade the sides or back of any pins. The exception is if the pin posts are broken off. All pins will always be wearable!

Flawed pin example