All enamel pins are graded into 3 categories: Standard, B, and C. I do not sell any pins as collector's grade.

All pins in my shop are meant to be worn and are graded as such.

All pins in my shop are graded per batch, and thus you may receive a pin with more or less flaws than a previous one.

And finally, please remember these are made by hand by actual human beings! It is almost impossible to have a perfect pin.

I grade my pins in natural light at arm's length. I don't grade the sides or backs of the pins, except for when the pin backs are broken off. All pins may tarnish over time due to moisture exposure. Also please note there may be slight color differences in the enamel or metal in pins of the same design, due to multiple manufacturers.

All pins are Standard unless otherwise noted. Pins may come with rubber or butterfly clasps, depending on design and availability.

B and C Grade pins are sold in a separate discounted listing from Standard Grade. Because of this, there are no refunds for misreading which Grades are which.


Standard Grade

I do not separate pins into Collector's Grade and Standard Grade, it is all one Standard Grade. I call these pins Standard Grade instead of A Grade or perfect, because my pins are intended to be worn and very rarely do pins look absolutely perfect.

Standard Grade pins are free of major defects, but may be flawed. These flaws may include but are not limited to: scratches in metal or enamel, dents in the metal, bubbles in the enamel, underfill/overfill/spread of enamel or metal, tiny black or gray dots, stray glitter or dust, tarnish on the front or side of the pin, burnished sections of the metal, minor missing enamel, and tarnished or missing plating on the side of the pin.

Pins with large sections of metal are graded on a looser scale as it's almost impossible to have a perfectly smooth pin.

Pins may have a 'brushed' appearance; this is due to the polishing process and is not a defect.

Some pins may have one or a few tarnish marks or dents on one edge, this is due to where the factory holds the pin as they polish it. This would be visible on every single pin in that design, so it is considered not a defect.


B Grade

Both B and C grades are graded within a sliding range and by batch, as no two pins are the same; just because you receive a B-Grade or C-Grade pin in one instance that looks a certain way does not mean it will carry over the same amount of defects to another B-Grade or C-Grade pin.

B Grade pins have moderate to heavy defects. In addition to the flaws listed in Standard Grade, B Grade pins can include but are not limited to: bent pin posts, entire sections of missing enamel, heavy tarnish or missing plating on the front, heavy tarnish or missing plating on the sides of the pin, and metal or enamel in the wrong area.


C Grade

C Grade pins have severe defects. In addition to the flaws listed in both Standard/B Grade, C Grade pins can include but are not limited to: a large quantity of missing or peeling enamel. They will always have wearable pin post(s). C Grade pins are heavily discounted.


B and C Grade pins are perfect for wearing on backpacks, hats, jackets, or other 'high-traffic' areas that will see wear and tear!